5 Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Travel Therapists

Once December hits, the thought of purchasing more gifts can be overwhelming. Here’s a handy list of traveler gift ideas for any last-minute shoppers you know.

1. Polaroid CUBE Lifestyle Action Camera, $99.99

Weatherproof and splash proof, this action camera can capture moments for the traveling therapist who after work turns into the hiking, biking, climbing or rafting adrenaline junkie. Mounting accessories customize it to your activity.

2. Selfie on a Stick, $19.99

Whimsical gift and one of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2014. If you’re going to travel the country, selfies are a must.

3. Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker, $119.95 plus service

We have a lot of travelers who bring a dog or cat on assignment. Pets can get lost anywhere, and the thought of losing a pet near the end of a contract, when you need to move on, could be devastating. Tagg alerts you and then guides you to your lost pet.

4. Apple Watch, available early 2015

Yes, we know you can’t technically buy this yet – but for a gift this good, we bet you’d accept an IOU. Of note, built-in heart rate sensors allow you to record and send your heartbeat. In addition to standard phone calls and messages, that’s a beautiful way to stay connected to loved ones while traveling. 

5. Narrative Clip, $229.00

This handy gadget is your best chance for a “searchable and shareable photographic memory.” The Narrative Clip takes two photos every minute when worn face up, and we think it’s the best hands-free method to capture life (out of the therapy department, of course) that we’ve found. We like it so much that we’ll be giving one away at CSM 2015! Stop by our booth Feb 4-7 in Indianapolis to say hello and enter to win.