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We are Vegas bound! Cariant is heading out to Las Vegas for the Traveler’s Conference, held September 13-15.

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The Pros and Cons of Travel Therapy

Have you ever watched a movie where the main character tries to make an important decision based on a pros and cons list? Like “Along Came Polly”? For all the jokes or stumbles that often follow these fictional examples, in real life it’s not a bad way to start the decision-making process. Here are some

Travel Therapy

Preparing for Licensure

Licensure is an important step in lining up a travel therapy contract, and often one of the most time-consuming tasks. The process is different in every state. The good news is we’ll help navigate that process if you tell us where you want to go. And, we’ll reimburse your licensure expenses including everything from applications,

Travel Therapy

New Grad Guide to Travel Therapy

Is graduation just around the corner? You don’t have to commit long-term just yet. There are many reasons to consider starting your career as a travel therapist.

Travel Therapy

Cariant Infographic

Ready to travel? Here are a couple reasons to choose Cariant Health Partners.

Travel Therapy

Tax Season For Travelers

Someone in a foam Statue of Liberty costume has begun waving at passersby from the sidewalk. A sign spinner in a neon-pink gorilla suit distracts drivers near a busy intersection over the lunch hour. All signs point to tax season. Traveling has its perks, like tax-free incentives, but the traveling situation gets a little complicated

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The Long List of Travel Therapist Tips – Part Two

The second post in our Cariant traveler tip series. More helpful advice from new to experienced traveling therapists. 41. “Never stop learning! Take away something from each assignment to keep in your little ‘clinician toolbox’.” – Derek S., PT

Travel Therapy

The Long List of Travel Therapist Tips – Part One

From witty to wise, Cariant travelers share their best advice. 1. “Ask questions! As a traveler you are at an advantage because the client needs your help, but at a disadvantage because you usually only have a single phone screen to base your decision upon. So, ask whatever questions you want, including those about billing,

Travel Therapy

Making the Most of Travel

This month we asked Cariant travelers to send us their best traveler tips. We weren’t surprised that many of them confirmed what we’ve said before (see “The Happiness Investment“) – that taking time to find new experiences is important.

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