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Travel Therapy: The Mentorship Dilemma

Mentorship during travel therapy contracts is a topic consistently brought up during conversations at national shows and career fairs. We specialize in introducing new graduates to the world of travel therapy. And if mentorship is a concern of a potential traveler, then it’s a main concern for the Cariant recruiter. Here are some of the more common situations we get asked about, and answers that will hopefully qualm many concerns on the topic of mentorship. Read more »

Hot Travel Therapy Locations for Spring

Where will you be this March/April? There are a lot of places in the country that make for a beautiful spring season. Consider these three locations:

Washington, DC

With a surplus of year-round attractions to visit in Washington, DC, one could certainly use 13 weeks to take in all that our country’s capital has to offer. But you only need one reason to visit in early springthe cherry blossoms. Read more »

Preparing for Licensure

Licensure is an important step in lining up a travel therapy contract, and often one of the most time-consuming tasks. The process is different in every state. The good news is we’ll help navigate that process if you tell us where you want to go. And, we’ll reimburse your licensure expenses including everything from applications, fingerprinting, licensure verifications, etc. with no cap. Read more »

Traveling & Trust

At Cariant, your initial recruiter stays on as your sole account manager for as long as you travel with us. This dedication and solidarity builds strong relationships between our long-term travelers and account managers. Many experienced travelers trust our account managers to submit them for desired locations without checking in first. Often, it’s during the time spent waiting for traveler approval that those coveted positions are filled. Read more »

Travel Contracts Over the Holidays

As the end of October draws closer, now is a good time to plan out contracts that fall over the holiday season. It’s okay to request vacation time during a contract. Make your recruiter aware of any vacation time you’ll need, as the facility will take that into consideration.

While it is typical to include time off in a contract, be flexible – it’s unlikely to receive days Read more »

What to know before you pick a travel company

Students entering in demanding fields like physical and occupational therapy can expect to be courted after graduation by recruiters from all over the country. It’s a great thing to be so wanted so soon after securing your license, but the volume of calls and emails can be overwhelming. Knowing how to sift through the noise to identify quality, ethical recruiters and travel companies will alleviate some of the weight. Read more »

Do you hear wedding bells? Time to start traveling!

Photo courtesy of our lovely traveler, Sasha B., OT.

Photo courtesy of our lovely traveler, Sasha B., OT.

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, or are thinking about taking that next step in life, it might surprise you that now is the best time to seek travel assignments. Read more »