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Making New Friends on the Road

Developing new relationships in your short-term community can add a lot to your travel experience. Don’t be afraid to find friendships outside the healthcare space. Here are a few ideas to make sure your social interactions don’t stay within your temporary facility:

Networking Apps

Meetup is a website and social networking app where you can find a group of peers with similar interests. Search an interest or hobby you enjoy and set a radius around your current location, and Meetup will suggest groups you may want to join for face-to-face activities. Read more »

Travel Nurse Interview: Lanita

At Cariant Health Partners we work with a lot of amazing travel nurses. This month we interviewed travel nurse Lanita W., currently on assignment in Warsaw, Virginia.

What got you interested in travel nursing?

I have always dreamed of being a traveling nurse, even before I entered nursing school. My grandmother’s niece was a nurse and traveled to Hawaii, where she met her husband and settled. My family always talked about how great of a job that would be, and I’ve been hooked on the idea since highschool. When I became a nurse I knew it was my goal, but I had to wait two years for the experience. In the meantime, I settled down Read more »

How to Become a Travel Nurse

Unlike travel therapy, nurses need a few years of experience under their belt before clients are likely to consider them for travel staffing needs.

One Year vs. Two Years

Two years is best, but you can be submitted for consideration with one year of experience. The two years will make you more marketable in competitive locations. If you don’t have at least two years of experience it can be difficult to land a contract, but don’t rule yourself out completely if you only have that initial 12 months. Read more »