Traveling & Trust

At Cariant, your initial recruiter stays on as your sole account manager for as long as you travel with us. This dedication and solidarity builds strong relationships between our long-term travelers and account managers. Many experienced travelers trust our account managers to submit them for desired locations without checking in first. Often, it’s during the time spent waiting for traveler approval that those coveted positions are filled.

Typically, through successful assignments and weekly check-ins, account managers are 100 percent familiar with the special requirements of their individual travelers. Account managers need to act quickly to ensure travelers are placed in the most ideal assignments.

“Most travelers love the fact that we run everything by them before we submit them for a contract…i.e. location, setting, and especially the budget. Each traveler is able to make an educated decision on what works for them, money-wise and for their families, since each client varies. Our seasoned travelers reach a point where they trust us to submit for placements without running each assignment past them. We come to know what areas they need to be in and how much they need to make per week. They know that we’re acting with a sense of urgency, and with their best interests in mind. This just strengthens the trust and relationships we have built with our travelers!” – Carrie Anglim, Cariant Account Manager

While we don’t recommend this type of agreement for most new travelers, who are still exploring the realm of travel therapy, it’s definitely a discussion to have if you’ve been working with Cariant for close to, or over one year. Bring it up on your next weekly call. It’s another step toward building that trust and setting yourself up to receive the most compatible travel contracts for your situation.