Travel Therapy: Paying Down Student Loan Debt

We hear ya. The joy of graduating with a therapy degree is quickly overshadowed by the student loan debt that follows most graduates into the full-time workplace. Our therapy recruiters get asked a lot of questions about the financial benefits of travel. And there is certainly a financial upside!

Generally, travel therapists make 25 to 40 percent higher pay (thanks to tax-free stipends and urgency for your help and expertise to fill department needs) than in a permanent position. Living within your means and finding the lowest cost housing available during travel assignments all contribute to the bottom line. If you can make the commitment to travel for at least a few years while putting that extra take-home pay towards your principal loan balance, it will help you achieve freedom from student loan debt potentially years sooner than making minimum payments. It’s a success story we’ve been thrilled to see many of our travelers achieve.

If you recently graduated or will graduate soon, Cariant’s therapy recruiters are knowledgeable resources on the financial benefits of travel therapy. You can contact our team to learn more, or take the next step and see what locations are open and get started on your career path to debt-free living.

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