Travel Predictions 2019

Travel healthcare trends ebb and flow and what was law in recent years is never guaranteed to continue. Here’s what to watch this year.


PDPM approaches. We don’t yet know exactly how the Patient Driven Payment Model will impact travel therapy needs. Clients are still learning what it means for their facility and permanent therapy staff. We expect a large number of skilled nursing facilities will wait for October 1, 2019, to implement major changes. Our initial prediction is an increase in home health opportunities—but it is yet to be seen how PDPM will affect specific disciplines.

The PTLC added three new states in early 2019, bringing the current number of member states actively issuing and accepting compact privileges to nine. We expect more of the 12 remaining “enacted” to transition to active this year. This will be a boon to PT and PTA residents of those states who looking for easier experiences lining up travel contracts.


We are already noticing an increase in home health and long-term care needs. Last year was a “buyer’s market.” Clients had a huge say in bill rates to shifts. That continues into 2019, so we urge nurses to really embrace the concept of flexibility. More opportunities will arise when flexibility is applied to the location, setting, shift and/or take-home pay.

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