What Travel Nursing is Really About

The nurses we work with say travel nursing is one of the best jobs in the world. They enjoy the perks of traveling the country, seeing beautiful places, and getting paid well to do it. But, that’s not what travel nursing is really about.

It’s about being flexible, reliable and putting patients first.

“I am there to fill the needs of the facility,” says Jody J., travel LPN. “When I sign that contract, I am committing to those facility needs. I need to be reliable. I need to be willing to work where and when the facility needs me.”

Jodi has been traveling with Cariant Health Partners for two years. The commitment she brings to each 13-week assignment reminds and inspires us that the principles we express are an important reflection of our professional character.

Travelers are often the glue that keeps a department going. It’s important to bring that can-do attitude to each assignment. And even more important to stay committed to the agreed-upon hours and role detailed in your travel nurse contract.

“I don’t get to call in because I don’t want to work my shift,” says Jodi.

And on top of that, at each new location travelers are acting as advocates for their patientstreating each one as if they were a family member. Jodi has worked in skilled nursing facilities across the country, and along with flexibility and reliability, holds this as equally important.

“No one wants to be in a nursing home,” she says. “So I treat every patient I’ve ever had as if they were my parent or grandparent. My patients deserve nothing but respect and dignity, and I might be the only person who gives that to them on any day. And that’s why I became a nurse.”

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