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5 Years and 5 Questions With Nursing Recruiter Becky Sullivan

You’ve been recruiting nurses at Cariant Health Partners for five years now. What do those relationships mean to you, that you’ve cultivated over the past few years?

The relationships to me are family. They are people who continually work for me. They represent Cariant in the best way because they understand how we started and how we’ve grown, and where we are at this point in time. They mean the most to me because they’ve hung on this long. Most of my people have been with me now for four full years. Read more »

10 Questions to ask a travel nurse recruiter

As a recruiter I ask a lot of questions, but only so I can better meet your needs as a travel nurse and understand what is most important to you as a professional and an individual. But I don’t want to control the conversation. It’s equally important that you pose questions to recruiters. Asking questions helps you identify personalities and recruiter styles, how much industry knowledge a recruiter has and also how responsive they will be to your communications.

Here is a list of 10 questions I’d recommend you ask a travel nurse recruiter during your first phone call: Read more »