Surviving Bad Assignments

First, are there bad assignments in travel therapy?  Yes.  Like every other type of employment setting, some jobs are better than others. The first thing to remember on a travel assignment is that it’s only 13 weeks. It’s not like a permanent position where you are looking at possibly being stuck in a bad situation for a long time.

The first action to take would be to talk to your recruiter about the situation. Your recruiter can’t fix what he or she doesn’t know is a problem. They will most likely have encountered similar situations with other travelers in the past and have experience in solving or at least dealing with what you are going through.  All of Cariant’s recruiters have years of experience they can draw from. Keeping your recruiter informed of any problems or issues is essential.

The recruiter may give you advice on how to approach the person or situation you are facing.  Many major problems turn out to be minor “bumps” with the correct approach and honesty.  Other options for your recruiter would be to contact the representative at the facility to work on the issue.

Another issue that sometimes arises on assignment is less-than-ideal housing. Every now and then, the housing at the location does not live up to expectations. Again, your first step should be to contact your recruiter. He or she can contact the landlord or operator of the extend-stay location to find out if your issue can be fixed. If not, it is the recruiter’s job to explore alternative housing.

The key points here? First remember that it’s only 13 weeks, not permanent. Secondly, and most importantly, communicate with your recruiter.  All Cariant recruiters bring a vast amount of experience to the table. Tap into that.