10 Questions to ask a travel nurse recruiter

As a recruiter I ask a lot of questions, but only so I can better meet your needs as a travel nurse and understand what is most important to you as a professional and an individual. But I don’t want to control the conversation. It’s equally important that you pose questions to recruiters. Asking questions helps you identify personalities and recruiter styles, how much industry knowledge a recruiter has and also how responsive they will be to your communications.

Here is a list of 10 questions I’d recommend you ask a travel nurse recruiter during your first phone call:

1. How long have you worked in this role and is your background in travel nursing?

2. Can you explain the process for employment with your company?

3. What can I expect from you and your company if I choose to work with you?

4. What will you (personally) help me with when lining up a contract? Housing? Licensure?

5. What benefits are available?

6. What are the pay periods and do you offer direct deposit?

7. Can you find travel nurse jobs for me within my specialty today?

8. What happens after I sign a contract?

9. I also stay in touch with recruiters from other companies, is that okay with you? (Note: the answer should be yes!)

10. How long do your travel nurses typically work with you? Consecutively?

Ask these business-related questions and throw in a few personal questions (it helps to get to know each other) and you’re well on your way to establishing a solid nurse-recruiter relationship.