Perks of Travel Nursing with Cariant

You may hear us say often that, “We’re a little different from most travel companies.” Yes, travel staffing companies perform essentially the same tasksget the latest travel nursing jobs, find nurses who want to travel, and place the nurse in an assignment. But having been in the travel industry for a while, our recruiters have heard variations of the same stories that confirm we’re doing things differently here, and those differences are genuinely appreciated by our travelers.

We can credit a lot of this to our amazing recruiting team, who internalize and hold true things like mentorship, honesty, teamwork and a “go above and beyond” approach. Add in our strong roots in the healthcare realm (Cariant is a division of a 33-year-old contract therapy company that was founded by a physical therapist) and familiarity with the workings of healthcare facilities and you get a company that is well-equipped to handle the challenges travelers may face.

But, our main points of differentiation go back to trust and one-on-one relationships with our travelers. We prioritize building relationships with all our travelers and actively listen to their wants and needs.

It’s easy for us to build and maintain those relationships. Here, you’ll work with just one recruiter, wherever you want to travel. Our travelers don’t need to worry about layers and layers and contacts to go through, or involvement from a half-dozen people while they are trying to land their next travel nurse assignment. Your single point of contact is your initial recruiter.

“That one-on-one relationship with our travelers allows us to quickly form a trusting, working relationship,” reminds travel nurse recruiter Lisa Willert.

Experienced travelers may be familiar with the scenario where you start out working with one recruiter and begin your assignment, and all of the sudden it’s difficult to reach that person and you’re leaving message after message about something urgent. Or worse, you find that you’ve been passed on to their assistant. Or you change regions and have to explain your needs and wants all over again to another recruiter.

There are no recruiting assistants here. Nothing will get lost in translation, because you’re always talking to YOUR recruiter. Recruiter Becky Sullivan sums it up pointedly, “We have time to take care of you!”

If you’d like to experience a different type of travel nurse staffing company, we’d love to work with you this year. Find your Cariant travel nurse recruiter here.