How to Be Your Recruiter’s Favorite Traveler


There is something to be said for timeliness, especially in the traveling world. Completing tasks on time sets everyone (the traveler, recruiter, client, credentialing team) up for success. You’ll earn so many brownie points by providing your resume and references quickly, and by completing all required paperwork and tests by the deadlines assigned. Also, getting to work on time the first day—that’s a big one.


It’s been said, but communication is key. Good communication is probably the single most important thing travelers can do to build a strong relationship with their recruiter. Communicate everything from changes in your priorities, to frustrations about your contract and positive feedback, too. It all helps to keep your recruiter looped in to how things are going, and provide them the insight to have your back when problems arise.


Enjoy making plans? So do we. A few weeks before your assignment ends, start working with your recruiter to line up your next assignment. Describe what you’re looking for and where you may want to go. Thinking ahead to what’s next will help your recruiter find you the right assignments to present as opportunities, and lets them know you’re making travel and your recruiter relationship a priority. It also helps to have that extra cushion of time to deal with any special client requirements.


Getting to meet a traveler is like the cherry on top of the sundae. We know our travelers are busy living their best lives, so when one takes the time to stop in our home office in Omaha, it makes our day. Introducing our travelers to the people who founded our company and to fellow team members is always a highlight of a workweek.

In reality, it all comes down to communication, planning and mutual respect. You’ll be a favorite traveler in no time at all!