Housing Coordinator

Not many travelers tackle housing with the mindset of “it’s just a bed.” Your personal environment is just as important as your work environment. Even if you do spend most of your free time outdoors exploring your new city, we want to make sure you have a positive housing experience as well.

Cariant has a dedicated Housing Coordinator to help navigate this process. As a traveler, you can find your own housing (and many do), but our in-house resource can likely spend more time looking for that “just-right” place.

Travel needs open up in new locations all the time, so our coordinator starts by checking the local Chamber of Commerce website for each city to get an idea of how small or big the area is. Then she will cross-check with Google Maps to see what is nearby and pinpoint larger cities within driving distance of the contract facility. This gives her an initial idea of what type of accommodations will be common in the area.

For very small towns, the Chamber of Commerce website can be a great resource. They often list contacts for individuals or real estate agencies who offer rentals in the area. These contacts open up some of the best choices for private housing. Craiglist is also a frequently used resource for temporary housing in larger cities.

In addition to external sources, in cities where we frequently place travelers we have an in-house list of private housing contacts from homeowners and landowners. Even more options so we can accommodate traveler requirements–family, pets, RV parking, camping requests, etc.

Whether realtor or private listing, our coordinator will always make a phone call to get cost info, negotiate payments and lease details, and most importantly, get a feel for the person on the other end of the line. One of her main priorities is to ensure travelers will be safe and happy, so getting a “read” on the housing contact is crucial.

The best part of the entire process for you is receiving an email with detailed housing options to choose from. Our Housing Coordinator did all the work for you.