Becoming a Traveler

How do I become a Cariant traveler?
The first step to becoming a traveler with Cariant Health Partners is to talk to a recruiter. Unlike many companies that require you to fill out information and applications before discussing potential jobs and locations, our goal at Cariant is to learn what you’re looking for and customize an assignment that fits your needs.
What are the minimum requirements?
You must be a graduate of an accredited healthcare professional program and authorized to work in the United States. You will need to be licensed in the state where you’re going to work. If you’re not already licensed, we pay any associated fees and guide you through that process. Also, new graduates are welcome in many of our facilities.
Am I under any obligation after submitting my information?
No. Your information is simply used as a qualification for you to travel. You can choose to travel now or in the future. You are under no obligation until you’ve accepted a position with one of our clients.
Are there any fees associated with your services?
No, never. In fact, not only do we do pay for your licensure, we also pay for your required immunizations and testing.
Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?
No. Your commitment to Cariant Health Partners only extends for the length of the assignment you agree to take, typically 13 weeks.
Can I travel with my family or pets?
Yes. Of course, there may be a fee for additional bedrooms and, in some instances, a pet deposit. Just let your recruiter know so we can make the appropriate accommodations.
How is the current state of the economy affecting the traveling therapy business?
Even in tough economic times, demand for traveling healthcare professionals continues to grow. Pay rates are high, job security is steady and when you’re ready to move to your next assignment, we’ll be ready to customize a new experience for you. As a traveling therapist or travel nurse, you’ll also have the freedom to choose ‘low cost of living’ locations where your earnings potential and purchasing power goes further. And because we work with a variety of settings, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, etc, being a traveler is a great way to expand your experience thus making you more attractive if you decide to go permanent.
I’ve decided on a job, now what?
Once you and your recruiter have discussed the position you want to pursue, we submit your resume and two references to the facility. The recruiter will schedule a phone interview between you and the facility. After the interview, if the facility wants to extend an offer, it will be done through your recruiter. If you accept, we start the paperwork process and coordinating logistics.
No jobs matched my filters, what do I do?
Jobs come in literally every hour of the day, so it’s likely a recruiter can find something for you that is not yet listed on our website. Call or email a recruiter to ask them about the latest jobs. Or, you can fill out our What Are You Looking For application, and let a recruiter call you back after they’ve looked through your interests and requests.

Pay and Bonuses

How much will I earn?
Pay rates vary depending on the facility and location, as well as your specialty and level of experience. We always negotiate top rates for our travelers and, as a result, our compensation is extremely competitive. Again, we customize your assignment packages to maximize your earnings, yet tailor them taking into account your specific travel, lodging, and financial needs.
When and how will I be paid?
As a Cariant Health Partners employee/traveler, you will be paid weekly on Fridays through direct deposit to your bank account. You will be able to view all pay vouchers online.
Are there referral bonuses?
Know anyone who would enjoy traveling with Cariant? We pay up to $1,000 for referrals. You don’t have to work for Cariant to be eligible for referral money. We will pay it to anyone if they refer someone and that person gets placed. You’re paid after they complete a full 13-week contract with us. Submit referrals here.
Do you offer incentives for new grads?
We offer a $1,500 New Grad Bonus for new PT, OT and SLP therapy graduates who meet both eligibility and contract fulfillment requirements.
Do your assignments offer cash bonuses?
Some of our assignments do have bonuses offered by the facilities associated with them that we pass on to you. Many companies have bonuses that have strings attached, so our preference is to include any bonus money up front in your hourly wage. If your facility does have a completion bonus, we, of course, pass that along to you.

Travel Assignments

What kind of facility will I work in as a traveler?
That’s up to you. We contract with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, in-patient rehab units, assisted living facilities and school systems.
How long are travel assignments?
Typically, assignments range from 8 to 13 weeks. However, we can often be flexible, offering shorter or longer assignments customized to your needs. And many times, you can extend an assignment you particularly enjoy.
How do I choose an assignment?
We recommend you fill out our “What are you looking for?” From there, a recruiter will contact you to discuss the possibilities.
Where do you offer assignments?
We offer assignments across all 50 states. Again, our goal is to discover what you’re looking for and help you find it.
Will I work full time or part time on assignment?
The majority of our contracts are for 40 hours. Sometimes we have flexibility and can accommodate a more part-time situation.
How long will it take before I could start working at my assignment?
Typically, once a contract is signed, work can begin as soon as 7 to 10 days.
Does Cariant Health Partners offer clinical support for therapists?
Yes. In fact, the majority of our company directors are themselves therapists and always willing to lend support.
What are the state licensing requirements for my assignment?
Every state has its own licensure requirements. We’ll guide you through the process.
What happens after I complete my assignment?
About halfway through your current assignment, we start discussing your next steps. That way, we will have a new assignment locked down for you to move on, or you may choose to take some time off in between.
Can I work as a traveler in my hometown?
Yes, we do have local travelers.

Housing and Travel

How will I get to my assignment?
It’s usually best to drive to a new assignment so you have your car for transportation. If, however, you choose a larger city where public transportation is the norm, you can always take a plane or train. However you choose you do receive a tax-free travel allowance.
Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?
Yes, we provide our travelers with a generous travel reimbursement. Best of all, it’s tax-free.
Can Cariant find my housing?
Our housing typically includes a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment including house wares and all utilities. Phone and cable are excluded. If Cariant selects your housing, you will not receive tax-free housing stipends.
How do I find housing?
Temporary housing is one of the more important things to line up before starting a travel assignment. Use our resources to explore all your options before deciding on a temporary residence. View our resources.
Will you provide accommodations if I travel with my spouse and/or children?
Yes, you may have to pay a nominal fee for an additional bedroom or you can take the monthly housing stipend and find your own housing. Your recruiter will help you through this process and decision-making.
Have more questions?
Please contact us at info@cariant.com. We’d love to discuss any of your questions.