Apps for Travel Nurses

It’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone in your hand. It’s possible to exist without one–but it’s not easy! So take your smartphone on the road with you to simplify your adventure. Here are a few apps you may want to download as you prepare for your next travel nurse contract.


It’s a fax in your pocket! Travel nurses need to turn in a lot of paperwork (almost everything under the sun!) to recruiters prior to travel. Immunizations, certifications, education, forms, etc. With CamScanner you can easily snap a picture of your document and email it to your recruiter. It is simple, accurate and convenient.

You can also save documents within the CamScanner app for future use. However, it’s smart to have a cloud back-up of important documents in case you accidentally drop your phone in a creek during your adventures! Consider utilizing free cloud storage.

Free Storage Apps

There are several apps that offer FREE storage, like Google Drive and Dropbox.  You can back-up photos, documents and certifications in case you need them again while on the road. That never happens, right?! Each of these free cloud storage apps has a maximum storage capacity, but you can use two or three to meet your needs.

Travel Apps

If you are thinking of flying, renting a car, or getting a hotel for a few nights, there are many great apps out there that help you save money, like Skyscanner. Travelers have found a lot of best prices using that app. However, the majority of travelers like to drive, and we have a suggestion that can save money along the way. Check out GasBuddy. Use it to find where the next cheapest gas station is along your route. Pennies add up to dollars!


Long drives are perfect to discover the great sites and tourist stops our country has to offer. The Roadtrippers app is simply wonderful! It will offer suggestions for a quick lunch, fun photo opportunities, and historical points of interest you may not have known about, but will be happy you stopped to take a look along the way.


Get out there and make the most of your new experience! It is going to be great. There are many more apps and websites out there that may work for you specifically.