Advice for Summer 2020 Travel Contracts

We’ve passed (we hope) the increase in COVID cancellations and things are looking to get back on track. But it’s still going to be a slow rise. If you’re looking at traveling now or are coming up on the end of your contract, here are a few things to remember:

Extend if you can

We’ve seen a lot of potential travelers be encouraged to stay in their permanent positions until the travel industry gets “back to normal.” The equivalent is true for any traveler right now. If you’re offered an extension on your current contract by a facility, you should strongly consider accepting it.

Act quickly

Jobs are still receiving a high number of traveler applicants within minutes to hours of opening. Being one of the early submissions will help. Ask your recruiter if they have a completed present packet for you. If they don’t, get them any missing information that they need ASAP. Have a conversation with them about what types of jobs and which states you’d be comfortable being submitted to. Once you’ve had that conversation, you can know your recruiter is acting in your best interest to submit your present packet quickly and get you to the top of that pile.

Build relationships now

If you’re completely new to travel, or just starting to onboard with a new company, have at least one long conversation with your recruiter so they can get to know you. Letting them know where you are in terms of urgency is going to help them find you the right job. Are you in a position to wait three or even four months for the perfect position? Make sure your recruiter knows that. If you need something soon, ask them to be frank with you about how flexible you’ll need to be on pay, location, setting, shift, etc.

It’ll be a slow rise back to the job volume we saw in early 2020, but there are needs and opportunities if you’re responsive and flexible.

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