2015 Travel Therapy Forecast

Having been in the travel therapy business since 2001, we’re skilled at picking up the subtle needle movements of our industry. Here are some trends we’re seeing this year.

There are seven new “hot” states for 2015. Oregon and Washington squeeze out 2014’s California for our top West Coast locations. Familiars in the industry, Texas, Pennsylvania and Minnesota are rounded out with a healthy mix of East Coast and Midwest states making the list. Wisconsin, Iowa, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia complete the top ten states for travelers.

Compared to 2014 we’re seeing an increased need for traveling physical therapists and occupational therapists. Every day our inboxes are flooded with hundreds of facilities looking for therapists like you – the opportunity is out there! Requests for speech-language pathologists are up after dipping late last year. Of note, requests for physical therapist assistants and certified occupational therapy assistants are also on the rise after a decline over the past few months. It’s a good time to be a PTA or COTA interested in travel therapy.

As always, you can expect a lot of needs for skilled nursing facilities. The good news here is that we’re noticing skilled nursing facilities warm to the benefits of short-term stay units, so you can still get that outpatient experience at some of the more progressive facilities.

2015 is looking to be a great year in travel therapy. Contact a recruiter to discuss your travel needs and we’ll start on customizing your travel experience.