10 Reasons To Be a Traveling Therapist

Whether you’re making the switch from permanent to contract work, or student to new graduate, there are a lot of factors to weigh when changing or starting a new career path. Family, friends, money, location, professional goals… all usually top-of-mind (and important) to consider.

In addition to those factors, consider these 10 reasons to travel:

1. The chance to live in cities you otherwise would probably not get to experience. Sure, you may visit, but living and visiting are different. For example, when you visit San Francisco you see the major sights and attractions. You do the tourist thing and then you go home. When you actually get to live there for 13 weeks, you can experience all of Northern California and discover the places that locals frequent; these are the places that make San Francisco the hip spot it is.

2. The opportunity to work in a variety of hospitals, SNFs and clinics around the country. This helps you enhance your skills, learn different methods of care and meet fellow therapists and clinicians while enhancing your resume. Anything you want to do is available to you because of the seasonal need for therapists in various parts of the country.

3. Cariant can provide you with housing, or you can pay for your own and take advantage of tax-free housing stipends. Most therapists end up with more “take-home” money with the stipend. Either way, we have a skilled Housing Coordinator on staff to assist you.

4. You’ll meet new people and make new friends. Not only will you meet other travel therapists, but you will network with regular staff therapists who make great sources of information about the local area. Meet your neighbors staying in the same apartment complex as you. Get close enough, and you will always have a place to stay if you ever decide to come back to this city once your assignment is over.

5. If you are thinking of moving to a new city, travel contracts give you the ultimate way to check things out before you make the commitment. You can actually work at the hospital you are considering, check out the different neighborhoods, and even start searching for an apartment or home to buy.

6. You have the opportunity to invite family and friends to visit you during an assignment. Enjoy the local sights together. It’s much cheaper than taking a vacation.

7. No politics! Every job has politics and so does every work setting. While on assignment you will see it happening… but since you will be gone in a few weeks, you do not have to be bothered by it or get involved. Come in, do your work, and leave.

8. You don’t have to go it alone. You can travel with your family, a pet, a friend or another therapist. Many long-term travelers go so far as to travel in their RV with their entire family. Kids included.

9. Travel when and where you want. If you live in a city that you love, but don’t like the cold winters, you can do a travel assignment to a warm place in wintertime. Cariant Health Partners can look for those opportunities tailored to your preferences.

10. Travel contracting is a fast way to build personal skills like communication, self-esteem, confidence and independence. You make your own travel plans, live on your own for a while, and learn to stand up for yourself when the situation calls for it. You grow as a person in many, many ways.

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  1. I’d love to be a Travelling Therapist. Although I just finished sophomore year….

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