How to Handle Initial Recruiter Conversations

Unless you were referred to a specific recruiter by a traveler, or you are proactively reading recruiter bios to find someone you’d like to contact directly, chances are your first interaction with a recruiter will be a random match. For example, whoever is available when you first call a travel healthcare company, or which recruiter is up next to respond to email inquiries.

In these randomly matched scenarios, it’s completely appropriate to ask a lot of questions. We encourage all potential travelers to “interview” recruiters to identify whether they’d feel comfortable working together professionally and to measure the recruiter’s industry knowledge and responsiveness.

Ask for a history of the company and about their professional background. Keep in mind that not everyone will have 10+ years of recruiting experience, and that doesn’t equate to poor recruiting skills.

Here are 10 questions to ask during this first interaction:

1. How many travelers do you work with currently?

2. How long have they traveled with you?

3. What benefits are available and when do they start?

4. What other support will I have in terms of licensing or housing assistance, time cards, etc.?

5. Can you explain the interview process and what happens after I sign the contract?

6. How can I contact you (call, text, email)?

7. How often will I hear from you?

8. How does your company approach the topic of mentorship?

9. How do you handle traveler concerns or problems? Can you give me real examples?

10. How will I find out about new contracts that meet my interests?


Ask these and of course a few personal questions and you’ll get a good sense of how well you would work together as a traveler-recruiter team.





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